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Is Your Truck Healthy? This App Will Tell You

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Apps and gadgets have been flooding the trucking industry for the past few years. Software developers have figured out that the industry holds a wealth of potential for developers and truckers alike. This has led to an influx of handy apps for teamsters that make life on the road easier. Many of these apps are now commonplace, it seems, and some technologies have even become mandated. But developers are constantly looking for new ways to bring convenience to the industry. One relatively new, unique example is Dash XL – an app/hardware combination that gives drivers real-time analytics about their vehicle and driving behavior.

The Original Idea: Dash for Consumers

The Dash app was created for consumers and functioned similarly to the infamous Fitbit app. It featured an Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) device, which plugged into the dashboard of your car. Once installed, it monitored a multitude of vehicle functions. It sent real-time reports through the app, including trip logs, maps, and diagnostics. If you’re driving down the road and your check engine lights turned on, the app would tell you why in addition to pointing you towards the nearest mechanic or gas station. The hardware linked to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection.

The app’s focus is on safety, including proper driving behaviors. If you brake too hard or forget to use your blinker, don’t worry; the app will tell you with an audible warning. But while it may sound annoying, the developers actually turned it into a gamified experience, making it less nagging and more fun. Furthermore, it monitors fuel usage and other smart driving factors. Dash has been widely received with good feedback. It encourages people to drive safer in a fun way, but it also educates them during the process. The company has received millions in seed funding and holds high ratings on both the Android and Apple app stores.

Dash XL for Fleet Owners and Drivers

Naturally, it’s easy to see why the developers took the opportunity to step into the trucking industry. Dash XL was recently introduced as the big-rig version of the consumer car app. Like its little brother, the Dash XL app monitors driving behavior and diagnostic metrics. It reports information directly to fleet managers. The device is compliant with new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations, which will be mandatory for all commercial truckers within the next few years.

The app will help truckers and fleet managers monitor fuel consumption, pinpoint mechanical failures before they occur, and generally improve the driving experience. The best part? Dash XL is geared towards smaller trucking companies, which are often owner-operated. Typically, these smaller fleets have trouble affording management software and instead must rely on traditional methods. But with Dash XL’s affordable hardware component and even more affordable app download, owner-operators should have no trouble outfitting their entire fleets with the devices.

Will Dash XL Be as Successful as Its Predecessor?

Dash has already seen quite a bit of success in the consumer world. According to TechCrunch, the app has captured the attention of nearly 300,000 drivers in 100 countries. With hundreds of thousands of consumers looking for a way to improve their fuel economy and driving habits, it’s no wonder this gamified safe driving app has seen such a warm reception. And Dash XL’s future looks just as hopeful in the trucking industry. Among driver capacity crunches, changing safety regulations, and the ongoing search for more fuel-efficient technologies, Dash XL offers a fun and affordable way to comply.




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