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5 Tools Everyone in the Transportation Industry is Using

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If you aren’t staying up-to-date, you’re probably falling behind. While that’s common phraseology in any industry, it’s particularly true in the ever-changing world of transportation, shipping, and logistics. Staying on top of the industry means taking advantage of the tools available at your disposal.

5 Tools Your Company Needs

It can be easy to get swept up in useless technology and end up overlooking the truly valuable solutions; however, your business deserves better. Here is a look at a few tools your company needs to compete in the crowded landscape of transportation, shipping, and logistics:

  • Cloud-Based Storage. One of the greatest developments in the last few years is cloud-based storage. It allows a company to store all of its data and information off-site. This is cost-effective and incredibly safe. Additionally, it offers excellent scalability and access to information wherever you are. The latter is particularly useful for companies who have employees scattered across the country or around the world.
  • Document Imaging. Electronic document imaging is one of those tools you don’t realize you need until you have it. Essentially, it allows you to scan hard copy documents into your computer system and store them in digital format. This is extremely useful when you have employees making deliveries in different locations and need invoices and delivery information quickly. While your company probably has the majority of documents stored electronically, think of the ones that are still in paper format. Moving these into digital form can save you space, increase accessibility, and improve security.
  • Live Shipping Rates. If your company is still operating on pricing estimates or old rates, you are wasting time and money. Access to live shipping rates and other carrier management features enables you to find the best price available and secure confirmations.
  • Fully-Integrated Accounting. Is there a delay between your accounting system and invoices? If you are operating on multiple systems, the answer is probably yes. You can save time and money by implementing a fully-integrated accounting system that is directly connected to your invoicing and deliveries.
  • In-Cab Technology. It’s important for your managers and warehouse employees to have visibility and access to information – but your drivers should as well. In-cab technology, such as tablets, GPS, and tracking software is a must. This enables your drivers to deliver orders accurately and on-time.

TMS Solutions

The good news for companies involved with transportation, shipping, and logistics is that all of these technologies can be had together. At GTG Technology, we offer fully-integrated Transportation Management Software solutions for our clients. This cloud-based software includes electronic document imaging capabilities, fully integrated accounting modules, access to live rates, premium technology, and more.


GTG Technology

At GTG Technology, we believe in offering our clients all of the solutions they need in one neat package. This takes away the challenges associated with running multiple systems at once and reduces the length of the implementation phase. For more information on how our solutions work and what sets us apart from the competition, contact us today!


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