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6 Benefits of Cloud Based Solutions

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The whole world seems to be in love with the concept of finding solutions to common business problems through the “cloud.” Yet many are still unaware of the benefits that cloud-based solutions offer in terms of efficiency and easing the workload for all employees.

The “cloud” refers to the remote servers connected via the internet to a business’ main operations and users that deliver services and store information. This has the impact of reducing paper use and lowering costs related to operational inefficiency.

The U.S. federal government is actively pursuing cloud solutions to save time and money and reduce the environmental impact of daily operations. Businesses can learn from their success by choosing the right services for their specific needs.

1.  Greater and Broader Scalability

Cloud computing allows any operation to rapidly provision supplies and services, often automatically, and to release them quickly. This allows businesses to allocate inputs most effectively and eliminate costs associated with inefficient resource allocation.

2.  Business Agility 

By utilizing cloud-based services businesses are able to dramatically decrease the length of IT projects, which shortens the overall pipeline for product release. Getting goods to market faster and more efficiently allows any business to get ahead of the competition.

3.  New Business Models

The cloud has enabled businesses to operate on leaner budgets and consolidate resources and personnel who are empowered to perform at much higher levels with better applications that leverage networked computing ability. There are many businesses, such as Spotify and BitCasa, that are based entirely on cloud computing services. This will likely increase as more entrepreneurs seek to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud.

4.  Reduced Capital Expenditure

Many businesses are using cloud computing to shift from a capital expense model to an operational expense model. This means there are reduced long-term financial commitments and zero initial investment due to the free or reduced costs of cloud services.

5.  Optimal Use of Resources

Cloud services streamline operational procedures to allow employees to spend time on useful activities, instead of being bogged down in time consuming administrative tasks. Track performance, expenses, and many other factors seamlessly with the cloud, without allocating precious time to employees. This makes operations more agile and effective, reducing costs and generating increased ROI.

6.  Streamlined Mergers and Acquisitions

Consolidation and matching of data and records from one system to another in a merger is often the most difficult and costly aspect of the transition. In the past, companies often had to spend years painstakingly reorienting themselves after a merger. Now, by keeping data in the cloud, all of that can be done in a matter of moments.


See the Benefits of the Cloud Today

The move into the cloud is a great one for any operation, but many businesses are reluctant to do so because of the fear of change or concerns about implementation. Contact GTG technology group to find out how to improve your operations.


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