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8 Favorite Trucker Apps

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For health, safety, and mental wellness, it’s vital that truckers take care of themselves so they can stay focused on the road. These days, a smartphone is more than a pretty but useless toy, especially when it comes to staying healthy and entertained. Read on to discover apps that help truckers stay alert, happy, and healthy in body and mind.

Stay Awake

The most important thing in long-haul trucking is to stay focused on the road. Losing concentration for even a moment can have disastrous consequences. It’s sometimes easier said than done, however. Drivers can face long hours and tedious terrain.

During stops, drivers can use the following apps that help exercise the brain to improve concentration, decrease stress, and feel happier:

  • Lumosity offers games that help brain functions such as memory and attention, making it a great choice for truckers who need to stay focused on the road. As an added benefit, the games are also fun and entertaining, so drivers feel more refreshed after playing.
  • 10 minutes a day of using the game-based app Personal Zen can reduce stress and anxiety. Less stress means more energy to concentrate and a better overall state of mind.
  • Like regular physical activity makes the body stronger, regular positivity training can actually make a person happier. Happify is a brain-training app that uses quizzes and journals to help users maintain a positive attitude.

Stay Comfortable

From avoiding traffic jams to finding a rest stop, there are a variety of apps that help a trucker

navigate the road more comfortably.

  • Waze provides information about traffic and other road conditions. The unique thing about Waze is that it collects information from other drivers in the area, making it more up-to-date and relevant than some traffic apps.
  • Truck Stops lets drivers see where the next truck stop is. It may be simple, but anyone who spends long hours on the road knows that this can be really important.
  • Similarly, iExit shows drivers what kinds of businesses or facilities are located at each highway exit, making it easier to plan efficient stops.

Stay in Shape

Sitting for many hours at a time takes a toll on the body. These apps help truckers maintain good health by making smart food choices and getting exercise.

  • Lose It helps users track daily caloric intake by setting goals and tracking what they’ve eaten. The app lets users know when they’re approaching the limit.
  • Fast Food Calorie Counter is especially useful for those on the road, where food options are sometimes limited. The app has calorie and nutrition information for 73 fast food restaurants, with more than 9000 items. This allows truckers to make an informed decision no matter where they wind up eating.
  • Rolling Strong is a special health app for professional drivers. It has a built-in pedometer to track steps and encourage more movement and offers wellness newsletters with information specifically for drivers.

Although many people don’t use them to their maximum capacity, smartphones can be a tool for health, wellness, and entertainment. Truckers today have more options than ever before.


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