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8 Must-Have Trucker Accessories


If you’re driving for the long haul, you know how important comfort and safety are. An uncomfortable cab makes for a painfully long and unpleasant drive. Luckily, as the industry booms, so do innovations to accommodate the drivers who make it possible. Check out some of these exceptional accessories to improve the comfort and efficiency of your ride.

12-Volt Accessories

From safety to luxury, these options can transform your time on the clock. Before you roll out for your next trip, make sure you are prepared with these items:

  • Compass/Ice alert. Keep your eye on the road and your hands on the wheel with a variety of road information at your disposal. These devices guarantee you always know which direction you are headed. Certain models are even capable of alerting you to inclement conditions, such as ice or snow. You can also stay current on the temperature – both in and outside the truck. These devices can be mounted wherever suits your tastes and are easy to recharge from the dashboard.
  • Heated blanket. You’ll need a blanket to stay warm, especially if you roost for the night or get stuck in the snow, but now you can really spoil yourself. Heated blankets are lightweight, can be stored virtually anywhere in the cab and are just cozy. Look for a model that includes a thermostat so things don’t get too toasty.

Creature Comforts

Ergonomics are a growing area of interest in the office, but truckers have long known the necessity of quality support and comfort. Try these accessories to stay comfortable on the road:

  • Arm rest covers. Update your arm space with a new cushion or cover. You can find these in simple slip-on vinyl or try a suede arm rest with memory foam for the ultimate experience.
  • Wheel covers. This is another opportunity for comfort, as you can find slip-on options for ergonomics or grip. This is also an excellent way to customize your rig with a unique wheel cover pattern or theme.
  • Thermos. If you don’t have one now, invest in a quality thermos. Or, keep one for drinks and another for soups or other hot eats. You can also find thermos coolers to store meals.

Redo the Dash

The dashboard was made to be accessorized, with plenty of space to organize, optimize, or monitor your cab and truck. Consider these fixtures to upgrade your rig:

  • Dash cam. Rely on these to monitor your cab at all times. Many options include two mountable cameras, so you can observe whatever place you deem fit. You can also find models capable of infrared recording and additional anti-theft measures.
  • Tablet mount. Depending on the company you work for, you may be issued a tablet to track routes, check in, or take notes. Now, you can easily mount that tablet on your dash to keep on top of your destination. These are easily adjustable to your preference.
  • Radios. Don’t rely on local AM/FM or even CDs or an MP3 player. Look at renovating your sound waves with satellite or weather radios. You can also check out Bluetooth headsets or external speakers to improve the auditory experience.

This is just a brief list of the options at your disposal. Since truckers spend so much time on the road, tailor-fitting the space is a worth-while investment.

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