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How Uber-Like Apps Benefit the Trucking Industry

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The trucking industry is finally getting some much needed technological upgrades. From “smart” trucks, to better cabins, to high-tech onboard computers, technology is set to improve the way truckers truck. A few startup companies, like Cargomatic, recently targeted a few long-haul carriers for a new Uber-like app that might just change the face of trucking. Using this app, shippers will be able to connect with nearby truckers who are about to disembark. The trucker will be able to “accept” the job if he or she is willing.

In terms of supply chain management, the Uber-like app for trucking could be revolutionary. The premise of the plan keeps product flowing more consistently and reduces the amount of miles necessary for a trucker to travel without a load. Easy billing solutions and connectivity through an app does all the hard work, leaving shippers and truckers to accept jobs at will. This new type of freight brokering is expected to account for over $25 billion in freight transportation revenue.

Because the trucking industry is in the midst of a significant driver shortage, apps like Cargomatic, and several more, can streamline freight shipments and reduce the amount of overall downtime. As a secondary benefit, the app may also enhance a driver’s ability to restructure his or her route based on accepting certain shipments and avoid road closures.

What Do These Apps Mean for Logistics Companies?

Logistics companies that understand the potential for the technology and start developing apps to use within individual organizations and across partnering companies may benefit just as much as the frontrunners of the technology. The apps promise to provide more convenience and drive more revenue than ever, so companies that are looking to provide value to their carrier and shipper clients may be eager to start adding similar functionality as part of their solutions.

What Concerns Could an Uber-Like App Raise?

App-makers and companies that use the app will need to carefully consider how the technology will impact the driver, a fleet, and the equipment used on a regular basis. The alternative structuring of the shipment flow changes everything about the transportation chain, and it may be a better solution for some carriers more than others. Those interested in trying the new technology may want to test the solution extensively before rolling it out en masse.

Other Apps that Are Changing the Game

In addition to uber-like apps, others are making the truck-driving experience easier and more enjoyable. Some apps help truckers find places to stop in certain areas and allow them to provide feedback on a mobile device. Others make the travel experience faster by pre-screening a truck so it doesn’t have to travel through certain weigh stations and other required stops along routes.

Since the trucking industry has been struggling with a driver shortage, the adoption of app-based technology can be a game changer. Many companies are targeting millennial workers who naturally gravitate toward easy-to-use mobile applications. These new apps could be one more way to draw new drivers into the field.

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