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3 Common Health Issues in Trucking

Trucking Health

It’s no secret that trucking can take a toll on a driver’s health. Long hours in trucking, behind the wheel can wreak havoc on many systems in the body, causing problems like back pain, obesity, and leg and foot issues. Learn about health problems faced by long distance truckers and how smartphone apps can help keep truckers healthy.

Poor Nutrition

Eating right is a challenge for everyone, but it can be especially hard for truckers. Truckers sit for hours at time, increasing the temptation to snack out of boredom. Sitting all day also means that fewer calories are expended, making weight gain especially common.

Along with these hurdles, truckers often face limited options when it comes to eating on the road. Fast food restaurants are often the most accessible from major highways, which makes it difficult for truckers to eat right.

While it may be challenging, good nutrition is a key to good health, improving everything from circulation to heart health. Maintaining a healthy weight can also minimize back and joint pain.

There are a number of great apps to help truckers track nutrition:

  • Calorie Counter provides calorie counts for groceries and food purchased from truck stops.
  • My Fitness Pal has nutrition information from more than 1.5 million foods, and also offers information on calories burned for 350+ exercises
  • Fast Food Calorie Counter is especially useful for those who need to eat on the road. It lets users search for fast food items from 73 common fast food restaurants, helping truckers make the healthiest possible food choices.

Lack of Exercise

Truck drivers often find that they have trouble getting enough exercise. Most of the day is spent sitting behind the wheel, and drivers have to make a concerted effort to move their bodies before or after work or on breaks. In this kind of work, it can be easy to forget to movie. There are some apps that can help you keep track of that, like Pacer, which tracks the user’s steps, encouraging them to move more throughout the day and 7 Minute Workout, which provides a workout the user can do at any time and place.

Sleep Apnea

Believe it or not, sleep apnea can be a deadly problem for truck drivers. Sleep apnea causes a person to stop breathing while they’re asleep. Depending on the severity of the condition, sleep may be disturbed more than a hundred times a night, leaving a person exhausted during waking hours. Exhaustion is difficult for anyone, but it can be fatal for a truck driver whose job depends on staying alert and focused on the road.

Sleep apnea can also contribute to life-threatening diseases such as congestive heart failure, stroke, and high blood pressure. Consider these sleep apnea-related apps:

  • Sleep Assess asks a variety of questions to help users figure out whether they might be dealing with sleep apnea.
  • For those who have already been diagnosed, Sleep Apnea Monitor helps a person monitor the progress of the condition. This allows them to see if changes in lifestyle, such as quitting smoking or losing weight, have any effect on the symptoms.

Whatever health issues truckers may face, there are more resources for improving health today than every before. These easy-to-get apps make life on the road a little healthier.

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