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Putting Creativity and Innovation at the Top of Your Company To-Do List


In the transportation industry, it’s easy to play follow-the-leader. When something works for another company, perhaps you think, “why not me?” While this may bring some small, short-term returns, is it really a good strategy to copy a business model? Instead of playing catchup, try developing a corporate culture that encourages innovation.

The Advantages of an Innovative Culture

Developing an innovative culture is about more than just staking a claim to creativity and openness; it’s about seeking out tangible change that can improve your company and develop value for customers and clients. Two of the overarching benefits of having an innovative corporate culture are:

• Productivity. An innovative culture actually improves productivity on multiple fronts. Your company’s thinkers are more likely to spend time developing truly great ideas when they know they will be taken seriously, and the resources you spend putting these ideas into practice will be well spent.

• Bottom line. Ultimately, innovative companies will see financial returns in the form of a healthier bottom line. Innovation builds customers, drives sales, and grows profits.

Tips for Developing an Innovative Culture

It’s easy to think about changing the culture of your business at some distant point in the future, but actually doing it takes some calculated preparation and bold movements. Here are a few tips for building an innovative corporate culture from the ground up:

• Start with the right team. You can have the best vision in the world, but it’s nothing without the right team. You need talented individuals that can bring your vision to fruition through idea generation, implementation, and everything in between. Even one wrong employee can slow things down, so don’t underestimate the value of getting this right.

• Communicate your vision. Having the right team in place is the first step, but you also must clearly communicate your dream to that team. Right from the start they need to know where you’re going and how you’ll get there. There will be time for their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, but it all starts with your central vision.

• Balance time. One of the major downfalls of most businesses is that there is no time for innovation to truly take place. Every minute of the day is structured in a way that employees and managers are constantly moving from one task to the next. Try flipping this routine on its head by creating some unstructured time. There is a reason successful, innovative brands like Google and 3M give their employees 10% or 20% free time.

• Use technology. While the true innovation will come from the minds of your employees, technology is the great enabler. Investing in effective technology will spur innovation and allow your company to take new steps.

Transportation Management Software

If you’re in the transportation industry, one technology that’s proven to improve innovation is GTG’s cloud-based Transportation Management Software (TMS) Solutions. This fully integrated, comprehensive suite of products allows for increased efficiency and productivity, two things which let ideas truly come to life.

For more information on our TMS solutions, please contact us today!

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