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4 Digital Tools for Freight Brokers in 2015

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It is difficult to remain competitive in any industry. Regulation changes and constant fuel price fluctuations make the transportation industry one of the most difficult to navigate. Brokers, shippers, and carriers all rely on adequate logistics management solutions to provide accurate and current information to account for all the moving parts. Here’s a look at some of the most popular tools freight brokers are leveraging today to remain competitive:

  1.  Mobile technology. Almost every industry today is going mobile. From mobile marketing to managing offsite employees, mobile technology is a must-have in 2015. Smart phones and tablets can be loaded with software and tracking information so that freight brokers, shippers, and carriers can track and evolve over time by relying on real time data. Many freight brokers are using mobile devices for order entry and carrier management. Having the information you need when you need it can be indispensable when working with numerous transactions at once.
  2. Logistics Management Software. Many logistics management companies are vying for the brokerage spotlight. The companies that stand out in the industry are those that can provide comprehensive solutions with an intuitive interface and exceptional customer support. GTG Technology Group offers solutions that cater specifically to transportation brokerages and integrate every process from dispatch control to order entry and invoicing. Easy access to information via the web means companies can use the information whenever and wherever they happen to be.
  3. Online Marketing. Even freight brokerages benefit from a comprehensive marketing plan. From well laid out websites to easy local and national/international search access, brokerages are finding online marketing can improve their visibility to shippers and carriers looking for a specific quality in their brokerage firm. Great online marketing in the brokerage sector means providing easily understandable information regarding brokerage capabilities that is accessible with only a few clicks or taps.
  4. Continuing Education. With all of the changes taking place in the transportation industry, every company needs to be current with industry trends and legislative action. Set up an online alert for news regarding freight brokerage or follow a popular publication like the Journal of Commerce or the information published by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Many logistics management companies also offer relevant industry blogs, white papers, and webinars for continuing education.

The commercial transportation industry is becoming more technologically driven every day. Freight brokerages looking for ways to stand out from the crowd can leverage the use of online tools and tech solutions to improve processes and make data-driven decisions.

Ask others in the industry about their favorite or recommended products for more information about what may work for you. Technology provides customization, not one-size-fits-all solutions. Find what works for your company’s size and needs, and then make sure you implement the solution appropriately for a high adoption rate.

2015 is already proving to be a great year for freight brokerages. Lower fuel prices and industry innovation and technology are encouraging growth at a rapid pace. Mix great technology resources with a diverse network of shippers and carriers to see improved revenue margins.

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