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Four Benefits of Being a Green Fleet

Why to Green Your Fleet

In our era of climate change and big bills, everyone is concerned about being as green as possible. Fleet owners are no exception. As it turns out, there are several reasons you should consider taking the initiative to turn your own fleet green – and some of them can help your bottom line while helping the environment.

Saving Money

Fleet owners could see a huge reduction in monthly operating costs over the long term. Utilities, fuel costs, and even insurance bills could see sharp declines when you’re operating green. The amount you can save, of course, depends on the individual company and where that company can make changes.

For example, if fleet managers have company vehicles, why not choose hybrid or electric models instead? According to NerdWallet, the average consumer can save more than $10,000 in fuel and maintenance costs over five years, driving merely 15,000 miles annually. If your company spends more time on the road than that, your savings will be even higher per vehicle.

There are many other ways to go green besides vehicles, too. If you have a large roof and open access to the sky, you could install solar panels to provide power to your shop and offices. In some places, you can choose wind- or water-based energy to cut your costs. Even if you don’t have the chance to change your power grid, you could start recycling plastics and metals instead of throwing them away. Most places will give you a certain percentage of money for the materials you bring to recycle, depending on what they are.

Tax Breaks and Credits

Aside from the money you’ll save each month, you could see lower tax costs, too. There are all sorts of incentives, credits, and grants given to those who choose energy-saving options. In most states, you can get thousands of dollars toward the purchase and installation of a solar power system. Your opportunities will vary by state and which upgrades you’re looking at, but it’s no secret that the government wants to help businesses reduce their impact.

Better PR

Green companies get a lot of positive attention in today’s world. A huge percentage of the younger generations, especially millennials, will be choose company A over company B simply because the former is green. People want to feel good about supporting businesses that care about our world and keeping it safe, so being green comes with a lot of built-in PR.

Sometimes the attention goes beyond your shoppers, too. Being green may make it easier to earn support from government officials, local contributors, even celebrities. In truth, saving money and lowering your impact opens a lot of new doors.

Doing Your Part for a Healthier World

Another great reason to go green is because it feels good. When you reduce your fuel consumption, energy usage, and garbage production, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part to help the environment. Even when you’re dealing with big problems like ocean pollution, every little bit helps keep sea life safer.

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