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How Integrated Systems is Changing Traveling for Work

Circuit abstract hand vector backgroundGTG Technology Group Releases White Paper on How Integrated Systems is Changing Traveling for Work

GTG Technology Group LLC, premier provider of global transportation management systems, published its eighth white paper today titled, “How Integrated Systems are Changing Traveling for Work.” The new white paper suggests many IT systems that track T&E are severely underutilized.

Business travel has changed a bit over the past several decades.    The reduction of staff required empowers employees to manage travel themselves with reduced waste from paper receipts and reimbursement forms.

“Automation can increase customer and employee satisfaction by providing internal and external reports with multi-format delivery,” said Courtney Endsley, Project Manager at GTG.

One of the greatest examples in the latest GTG white paper is the one of an integrated track management solution. This integration will enable the entire shipping process to be managed effectively and quickly. With drivers busy with other tasks such as driving and making delivery deadlines, an integrated solution can keep track of expenses, mileage, and percentage of on-time deliveries. With the rise of tablet PCs and smart phones an integrated solution for communication and organization has never been easier.

“Tablet technology allows real time monitoring of fleet, and keeps drivers moving as they always know their next steps,” said Sohrob Parvin, Customer Support Manager at GTG.

With companies asking for travel and expense system integration, employers and employees themselves are empowered to manage individual expenses in an easy to use system. Managers of all industries are aware of the benefits of fast accurate decision making and the importance of real time analytics. Integrated systems will prove to be the future of tracking travel and expense reports for all companies. 

The new white paper is now available for PDF download at no cost. To read more about GTG’s transportation management solutions and to obtain a copy of the white paper, click here.

About GTG Technology Group, LLC:

GTG Technology Group, LLC helps to build software to manage global transportation management systems (TMS) for all sizes of intermodal and drayage transportation companies. GTG is dedicated to providing TMS solutions designed to provide end-to-end visibility and connectivity. GTG’s software was engineered to help businesses in the transportation industry overcome challenges faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

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