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How Technology Is Improving Trucker Health

Healthy Life written on rural roadWhile trucking is a lucrative profession, it often takes a toll on the health of drivers in the industry. Trucking is a sedentary occupation with long hours and not a lot of options for healthy meals on the go. Thus, it’s no wonder that tuckers often suffer from back pains, excess weight, cholesterol issues, and other health problems. Fortunately, recent innovations have improved the way teamsters can stay healthy. From wearable technology to mobile apps, technology is changing the way truckers monitor their health.

The Nike + Fuelband SE

The Nike Fuelband is wearable technology that pairs with a mobile app to track your movements throughout the day. One of the biggest health risks for truckers is lack of exercise. The wrist band measures your movements and syncs to an app on your smart phone. It also allows you to set daily goals to further your progress. Whether you want to walk at least a mile a day or commit to a full workout three times a week, the Fuelband will show you how far along you are.

Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up takes fitness tracking a step further. It has all the usual bells and whistles for a fitness tracking device, like suggestions for exercises and a built-in pedometer, but it goes beyond that. The Jawbone also tracks your sleeping patterns, identifying the amount of time you spend in light and deep sleep. It also suggests modifications to your sleep habits that will make you sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. The device is compatible with a number of fitness apps for a full-fledged fitness and health program.

Lose It Weight Loss App

The Lose It weight loss app helps you monitor your daily caloric intake and activities. It rewards you for achieving milestone goals. It’s compatible with BigRoad, a popular telematics and electronic logging platform. Using the app, you input your physical information and weight goals. You can also input weight loss goals for each week and monitor your progress more closely. Lose It can automatically calculate the amount of calories you’ve consumed for every meal throughout the day.

The app will also tell you when you’re reaching your calorie limit for the day. If you want to increase number, add more to your budget by exercising. Along the way, the app displays your weight loss progress in an easy to read graph. If you’re motivated by your peers, you can add friends to help you along your journey.

The StayFit Program

The StayFit program isn’t technology per se, but it can most definitely be considered a breakthrough. The program was implemented by the TravelCenters of America/Petro as an answer to truckers’ requests for healthier alternatives. Now the program is available at 240 truck stops across 41 states. The program provides healthy meal options, including fresh fruits and vegetables in its restaurants and convenience stores. Luxuriously equipped exercise rooms are available for free in 41 different truck stops. Many of the locations feature walking or jogging trails, which are featured on a map drivers can get at the stop.


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