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America’s Most Luxurious Truck Stops

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Truck stops have come a long way over the years. In fact, it’s safe to say that some are simply awe-inspiring. Whether you’re looking for a luxury stop to spend the night, or a truck stop that doubles as an amusement park, there’s something out there for every taste. The following locations are highlighted for their history, entertainment value, and how thoroughly they help you unwind.


  • Iowa 80 (Walcott, Iowa). With modern amenities including a movie theater, barber, and dentist, this is a famous location for truckers. However, its trucking museum makes it particularly unique, showcasing the history of trucking through an antiques collection and a modern-rig beauty contest.
  • Boise Stage Shop (Boise, Idaho). Though this truck stop has more than 100 years of history, its contemporary staff provides amazing food and pristine amenities. An old-time atmosphere complements its impressive legacy, which traces its roots back to 1891.
  • Dixie Truckers (McClean, Illinois). If you’re interested in trucking history, you’ll eventually land on Route 66. Dixie Truckers is the oldest recognized stop along this legendary highway, which has operated for more than 70 years. It includes a museum, and the new travel center showcases the road’s rich history.


  • Jubitz (Portland, Oregon). “The world’s classiest” truck stop can keep you entertained for hours. Take in a movie and enjoy a stunning full-service restaurant. If you’re staying for the night or a few days, check out its impressive lounge featuring nightly entertainment.
  • South of the Border (Hamer, South Carolina). This location is as famous a stop as it is a tourist attraction. Unwind at the numerous shops and spend a night at the inn, which includes a movie theater, swimming pool, and sauna. This location is known for its iconic sombrero observation tower.
  • Whiskey Pete’s (Primm, Nevada). Arguably the nation’s best truck spot for entertainment, Whiskey Pete’s is right on the California/Nevada state line. The nearby casinos, stores, and roller coasters make this an appealing place to unwind after a long trip.


  • Highlands Petro (Racine, Wisconsin). When you need to do more than just catch up on your sleep, try the Highlands Petro truck stop. Its in-house chiropractor can help you shake the strain of a long ride. Once your spine is realigned, you can take in a home-cooked meal. There is also a movie theater, Internet room, game room, and hair salon on-site.
  • North Forty Truck Stop (Holladay, Tennessee). This stop offers overnight parking, which is becoming a rare service these days. While you rest, you can access the stop’s Wi-Fi, showers, laundry facilities, barber, and professional masseuses.
  • Sapp Bros (Sidney, Nebraska). Cleanliness is a valuable commodity during a long road trip. Known for its amazing service and guaranteed cleanliness, Sapp Bros’ bathrooms feature granite countertops and a staff that is literally available at the push of a button.

Sometimes you need to take a rest more than your truck needs a tune-up. Whether you want to unwind or have your rig retuned during a long ride, these stops are famous for a reason. Check out some of these must-sees on your next haul.

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