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Tire Blowouts May be Something of the Past

Tire BlowoutsRoad gators – pieces of truck tires left behind by truck tire blowouts – might be the most commonly sighted “wildlife” on US highways. Everyone has seen them lying by the side of the road, but they do real damage when they’re in the middle of the highway. On high speed limit interstates they can pose a serious risk, as drivers can’t see them until it’s too late.

At 8 to 10 feet long, these steel-reinforced chunks of rubber are more dangerous than real gators. Running over a road gator causes significant damage to a car. It can cut though an oil pan and remove vital steering mechanisms. Road gators can also fly up and break windshields and obstruct visibility, causing drivers to crash.

Road gators are the result of truck tire blowouts, often caused by poor tire pressure regulation. Tire pressure can be nearly impossible to maintain when trailers move cross-country, often encountering wild changes in temperature. Thankfully, they may soon be a thing of the past. A new tire inflation system that regulates tire pressure promises to send these “creatures” the way of the dinosaurs.

Introducing AutoInflate Powered by Halo

AutoInflate powered by Halo is a revolutionary tire inflation system that regulates tire pressure. Not only does it prevent tire blowouts, but it also lengthens the life of the tire and increases fuel economy. Fewer blowouts and less wear-and-tear also equates to less time off the road for repairs. The resulting savings add up to $2400 yearly for each truck.

How does it work? The hub-mounted device employs a weight that moves like a pendulum. This weight moves with the wheel and in turn powers a pump. The pump is set to maintain a particular tire pressure and will automatically raise or lower pressure to keep the tire evenly inflated. Bye bye, blowouts.

Because the pump is entirely powered by the movement of the wheel, the Halo doesn’t need any external power source. Each Halo works for up to two tires at a time.

Origin Story

Halo, the technology powering AutoInflate, was developed two years ago by California-based Aperia Technologies. The idea for the device arose when the co-founder of the company, then pursuing an engineering degree at Stanford, suffered a flat tire. Despite its humble beginnings, the completed Halo is too big for passenger cars.

Aperia saw great success with Halo. They sold thousands of systems on their own but are now set to experience rapid expansion by working with industry giant Michelin.

The Future of Trucking

AutoInflate powered by Halo can be fitted to almost all trucks and is now available for lease at only $15 a month, making it an affordable solution.

Buses and other heavy equipment benefit from the system, too. Because of a renewed emphasis on fuel economy and new EPA standards, it’s also likely that emissions standards will afford a bonus to heavy duty trucks that employ inflation systems like AutoInflate powered by Halo.

Watch your scaly backs, road gators. You may be king of the road right now, but you won’t be around for much longer.


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