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Mark Parrott

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Parrott has been in the Transportation Industry for 35 years, beginning his career in 1978 with the BNSF Railroad in Houston, TX.

Currently, Mark is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer of GTG Technology Group and is the main architect, designer, and developer of the current GTG Technology Group solutions. Prior to GTG Mark and Fred Beasley joined in 2003 to form Integra Logistics in Houston, TX, where it maintains its corporate office. In 1999, Mark formed a transportation technology and software company, GTG Logistics, Inc. in Houston, TX. Later, before the McLarty Capital Partners acquisition, GTG Logistics was renamed to GTG Technology Group and sold to Integra Consolidated Holdings, also the parent company of Integra Logistics, LLC. Prior to GTG Logistics, Mark and two partners formed the company Quality Intermodal Corporation in 1988, based in Houston, TX. The company was sold in 1998.

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