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The Safety Impact of Electronic Logging Devices

tablets One of the primary objectives of the recent mandate pertaining to electronic logging devices is to increase roadway safety. For instance, these tools notify drivers 30 minutes before their maximum driving time that they must locate a place to park and rest. This eliminates the likelihood of fatigued drivers on the roads and can potentially decrease the risk of subsequent accidents. According to the US Department of Transportation, the mandate will prevent approximately 20 deaths and 434 injuries every year, saving nearly $395 million. To further ensure roadway safety, electronic logging devices will also record and report the following information: Driver speed and breaking. These devices are connected directly to engine control modules, and can therefore report instances of speeding and hard breaking. When problematic patterns are detected by company managers, they may engage employees in training programs or take other remedial courses of action. Routine vehicle maintenance inspections. Neglecting to thoroughly and regularly inspect vehicles can result in highway tragedies. For example, low fluid levels can lead to poor operating conditions, and low tire pressure can result in blowouts. Poorly secured trailers lead to instability, as well. E-log devices remind drivers to undergo these steps as often as necessary and require the confirmation of each completed step. Travel and road conditions. When planning routes, drivers may be informed of potentially hazardous conditions. While planning a run through the Midwest, for instance, the device may indicate the presence of a significant storm system. When establishing a course of travel through a city, high-traffic areas are highlighted by the device. Areas of road closures and interstate construction may also be identified. By having this information, drivers can plan accordingly and reroute or adjust anticipated delivery times. In addition to the positive impact of electronic logging devices on roadway safety, there are several other benefits to consider. Frequent reminders and updates increase the likelihood of compliance, particularly in today’s world of ever-changing rules and regulations that are often difficult to monitor. They also reduce errors and improve accuracy by eliminating mathematical and other errors. This is because data can be entered into the devices, and the devices make necessary computations on behalf of drivers. Because everything is digitally stored, it is not likely to be lost or misplaced. It also drastically reduces time spent on the completion of paperwork. Electronic logging devices increase the functionality and performance of drivers who spend long hours traveling. They allow drivers to communicate instantly with logistical and other staff in home offices, and to easily complete fuel purchase forms, for instance. While not directly related to job productivity, these devices can improve driver morale and well-being by enabling contact with friends and family members as well as providing games and videos for entertainment during downtime. For more information about e-log technology and government mandates, contact us today. With more than a century of combined experience in the transportation industry, the team at GTG is qualified to provide efficient and comprehensive solutions to an array of transportation management issues.

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