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Samsung Safety Truck and the Future of Truck Safety Systems

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Technology has been taking over the trucking industry lately, from “self-driving” trucks to Samsung’s newest endeavor, Safety Truck technology. The new system links onboard camera systems with an integrated display on the exterior of the truck. For the little guys who have to drive behind large 18-wheelers, this technology can be lifesaving.

The camera systems allow for other vehicles on the road to see what the truck driver sees instead of just following the truck’s signal lights. This amazing technology may open up more possibilities for automated vehicle systems in the future. It will be interesting to see how tech companies continue to improve the roads we use every day. Samsung’s prototype may have opened a door for safer, more connected driving practices.

The Samsung Safety Truck

The prototype, released for a test run in Argentina, features a wireless camera on the front of the truck. The camera films the road as the truck travels and feeds the image to four monitors on the back of the truck. Samsung chose to test the prototype in Argentina because the country is deemed to have some of the most dangerous roads in the world. For every 100,000 Argentineans, there are roughly 12.4 road fatalities each year. Most accidents in Argentina happen on two lane roads when drivers pass other vehicles.

It’s not only Argentina where this is a significant hazard; overtaking accidents occur all over the world in great numbers. The safety truck would drastically cut down on accidents like this in Argentina and around the world. Samsung is also confident that the safety truck will reduce cases in which accidents occur from sudden breaking because of animals or other hazards in the road.

A night vision system is equipped on the camera, so cars following the truck can see what’s in front at night. Although the truck is only in the prototype stage at the moment, Samsung hopes to move forward with the technology soon. The next steps include testing procedures, permitting, and complying with national regulations.

The Future of Road Safety

Though Samsung’s safety truck uses basic technology to make the road safer for other drivers, the prototype opens up a lot of possibility for the future. In a world of automation systems, interconnectivity, and rugged camera systems, road technology could change the way we drive for the better.

Consider automation systems that connect several components. For example, cameras and transponders connected to road infrastructure systems could communicate hazards to oncoming vehicles. Drivers would learn about road hazards in real time, right from the dashboards of their vehicles. Traffic lights equipped with computers could sense an uptick in traffic and mitigate congestion.

The world around us is connecting in new ways every day. As technology makes its way into the trucking industry, the road ahead seems promising. We already saw improvement in onboard computers and how the data they collect may improve productivity. Hybrid and fuel-efficient trucks are not far off. Some major companies are already implementing these vehicles. It looks like the next feat is using technology to stay connected on the road and make traveling safer for everyone.


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