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Trending: 5 Considerations When Selecting a Drayage Provider

Transportation Management SystemHistorically, shippers have relied on drayage brokers as an effective and cost-efficient solution to supplement their shipping processes in unfamiliar areas and regions. Today, however, technology has revolutionized how drayage providers operate. By staying abreast of the latest drayage management system trends, you can maximize revenue while ensuring fast, accurate shipments to clients.

When it comes to partnering with a drayage provider, time truly is money. Each day it takes to retrieve a container results in longer transit time. From booking the pick up to time spent in port and queue time to inspection, there are many issues that can delay a shipment. Selecting a drayage provider reduces container transportation costs while ensuring a positive experience for shipment customers.

When it comes to selecting a drayage provider or drayage management system, it’s critical to consider the following:

  1. The true cost of drayage. Often times, shippers only look at shipment rates without considering the greater cost that defines drayage management. Economic variables result in a constant ebb and flow in price range, as fuel and other factors impact costs. When it comes to drayage costs, the primary factors that impact rate include supply, demand, distance, time, and local economic nuances. Obvious costs in drayage, for instance, would be incredibly different in Los Angeles compared to Alabama. Another major consideration in the cost of drayage is risk. Drayage management “horror stories” of lost, damaged, or misshaped cargo has devastating repercussions. There have been countless cases where cargo and containers have been left abandoned on the side of interstates and country roads. To combat this risk, FMCSA MAP-21 requirements demand that drayage brokers carry at least $75,000 worth of surety bond.
  2. Evolution of drayage. New technology is consistently changing how the industry operates. Shippers and transport companies must evaluate how cloud, mobile, and digital technology evolves drayage brokerage. Though many tools are free, other services such as drayage management systems offer the solutions necessary for long-term success.
  3. Drayage record. It’s vital to partner with a provider that values safety. Companies that hire drivers rated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are committed to safety, public reputation, and the best services possible. This increases the likelihood of on-time delivery history, which ultimately exceeds your expectations as well as your customer’s. Driver responsibilities, reliability, and professionalism are paramount to getting the most out of a drayage management system.
  4. Data availability. Your company must be able to access its data as needed. From driver management to analytics, it’s critical to be in full control of your information. Data availability ensures that you have proof of confirmation of receipt and can prove a delivery has been completed before the customer asks for it. Unsure where a shipment is? Data availability allows you to trace and track it 24/7.
  5. Responsiveness. Today’s economy has resulted in an extremely competitive marketplace. It’s critical to be able to scale and fully customize your drayage management system to meet your ever-evolving needs.

GTG Technology Groups’ Drayage Management System provides a multi-faceted solution for companies in the transport industry.

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