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Seven Advantages of Transportation Management Software– Why 3PLs Should Invest

GTG Technology Group LLC (GTG) today published an informative white paper titled Advantages of TMS for 3PLS and Their Clients. The white paper reveals how transportation management software (TMS) can help to benefit third-party logistics companies (3PLs) in a variety of ways.


The white paper begins by defining how transportation management software is used at GTG. The white paper lets the reading audience know that GTG uses numerous applications of the software when working with different types of shipments.

For example, GTG uses RateNet for intermodal and international TMS packages. RateNet is an integrated rate engine that helps to highlight the best methods and pricing models for each shipment. RateNet allows shippers to be alerted about the different exchange rates and foreign currency values that apply at major ports and rail operations.

GTG also helps to clarify how 3PLs are able to benefit from implicating TMS into its daily operations. GTG’s white paper states, “However, using TMS has many advantages over the traditional 3PL. TMS allows companies to do even more of their work themselves, effectively cutting out the middle man who is likely relying on management software.” (GTG Technology Group LLC)

The seven advantages that GTG helps to pinpoint within its white paper include how TMS:

  • Keeps Personal Interaction Relevant
  • Is Environmentally Friendly
  • Reduces Inventory
  • Allows Global Communication
  • Helps Companies Keep up with Current Events
  • Cuts Down on Cybercrime
  • Has No Human Limitations

To read more information about the advantages of transportation management software, and to obtain a copy of the white paper, click here. The new white paper is now available for PDF download at no cost.

GTG plans to release its next white paper on Anticipatory Shipping: A Review of What’s Next for Logistics on Thursday, January 29, 2015.

About GTG Technology Group, LLC:
GTG Technology Group, LLC helps to build software to manage global transportation management systems (TMS) for all sizes of intermodal and drayage transportation companies. GTG is dedicated to providing TMS solutions designed to provide end-to-end visibility and connectivity. GTG’s software was engineered to help businesses in the transportation industry overcome challenges faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

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