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Should You Be Taking Advantage of Solar Power for Your Truck?

Reasons Why Solar Power Could Be Right for You

Solar power is one of those alternate energy solutions that seems to increase in popularity each year. Harnessing the power of the sun may improve the performance of your truck, particularly when it comes to powering the trailer. However, this energy source does not always apply to every vehicle. Find out the benefits of solar power and whether they apply to your vehicle, as well as some solar panel suggestions.

Benefits of Solar Power

Using solar power to power the trailer of your truck provides some great advantages over other sources of power.

  • Solar panels are quieter than traditional generators, reducing noise pollution.
  • The power of the sun is renewable and safe to operate compared to other power sources.
  • Using solar power extends the life of your battery up to 50% and guarantees higher ROI versus the costs of maintaining generators and using regular batteries.
  • Solar panels provide backup power for parking lots and in an emergency.
  • Panels are easy to equip on roof air deflector or tractor hoods.

Determining Solar Power

If you are convinced of the benefits of using solar power, you can try to determine if solar power suits your trailer. The following are a few factors to figure out before choosing solar panels.

  • Find out how long and often you stay in a specific area. If you move or drive too often, solar power is probably not the right choice for you, as a regular generator will suffice in constant travel.
  • Determine the size of the solar panel versus the output your trailer will need. Generally, the panel is supposed to be smaller than the output the trailer requires, as the rest of the power for the battery comes from the tractor and alternator.
  • Calculate how much money the solar panels potentially save you versus the associated costs with complete battery use, maintenance, and replacement.
  • Consider the trailer power requirements, including functions such as refrigeration units, lighting, telematics, and liftgates. These devices often operate combined on a single trailer.
  • Remember that solar power is not making up for equipment errors or poor wiring in the truck, but by supplementing the energy the trailer’s electrical system will need.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel

If you have figured out that solar power is the right choice for your truck, now you can choose the best solar panel equipment for your trailer.

  • Go Power 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit. This package is easy to fold and store like a suitcase and includes cables and battery clamps to make it an off-grid system.
  • Eco-Worth 100W Solar Panel Kit. Another package that is easy to transport while training in off-grid living. Includes pre-drilled holes for each attachment.
  • All Powers 100W Flexible Solar Panel. This kit is one of the top sellers on the market due to its easy installation, flexibility of up to 30 degrees and durability in all types of weather.

Overall, solar power can help the performance and maintenance of your truck and your trailer, if it applies. Not every trailer is qualified for solar energy. If you cannot use solar power, you should still consider other alternative energy sources for your vehicle.










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