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Our Intermodal Software Solution

Intermodal transportation has never offered so much or required such complex management as it does in today’s globally interconnected world. GTG Technology Group offers you the tools you need maximize efficiency, cost savings and flexibility for all your intermodal shipping operations.

Our Intermodal Management System (IMS) software solution provides complete, end-to-end visibility and the most integrated options in the industry. This holistic business solution puts all your operations in one place for the best access and visibility, better customer service and easier scalability. The feature-rich software solution is designed to unify everything you do:

  • Included EDI and document imaging capacity means data can be entered from any point and fully integrated into the reporting and calculating functions, becoming instantly accessible to all users. Uploaded information automatically follows the shipment so it’s there when you need it.
  • RateNet, our integrated rate engine, is included in the software to seek out the best methods and prices for each shipment. All major ports and rail operations are integrated into the software, so you have critical data you need.
  • DrayNet drayage interface gives you the same high level of information, control and access for dray portions of your intermodal shipping operations that you have for rail.
  • Fully integrated accounting module offers complete data management, reporting and invoicing functions from order to settlement all in one system. A/R, A/P, G/L are united with clients and vendors. Make payments, get paid and track your financial data without re-entering anything.
  • Time-saving features like mouse-over navigation, dashboard tools for viewing business intelligence and color coding to let you manage by exception mean you can drill down quickly to the granular data you need. Where is your shipment? Things like load temperature, carrier insurance coverage and price tracing are all fully accessible, end to end. Unbeatable connectivity gives you the highest level of control possible.
  • Complete offsite IT support with our fully cloud-based solution takes the server requirements and information technology demands like upgrades, backups and disaster recovery preparedness off your list of things to worry about.
  • Exceptional customer service means that when you have questions, we’re here with answers and solutions that help your operations keep flowing smoothly. From installation and modification to data uploading, on- and off-site training and onsite training as you go live with your new system, GTG Technology is beside you to ensure peak performance and ease of use.

You can do more with our IMS software. Give us a call today to see additional details about this industry-leading SaaS solution. We’ll be happy to set up a demo that will blow your mind.

See how we offer the most functionality in the industry with full visibility end-to-end.

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