OptiNet ROI Calculator

Edit the custom fields below to get an idea of the ROI that we could provide your company through the solutions that we provide. Please submit a request for a demo or contact us directly today with any questions you may have. We would love to be of assistance.

DescriptionNo OptiNet No BenefitWith OptiNet Low BenefitWith OptiNet Most LikelyWith OptiNet High Benefit
Benefit percentage gain0%4%8%12%
Fleet Utilization = Reduced cost
Size of truck fleet
Cost of power unit per month – including truck, driver, maintenance, fuel & other costs$
The number of trucks it takes to move same number of loads without and then with OptiNet
Asset savings / month$$$$
Annualized savings$$$$
Driver Utilization = Driver Retention
Moves per day per driver
Annual base for pay increase$$$$
Additional driver pay$$$$
Dispatch Effectiveness = Team Utilization
Annualized salary with benefits$
Assumes 1 FTE per 25 drivers
Annualized savings$$$$
Equipment Benefit = Accessorial Reduction
Average per load savings$$$$
Chassis cost, rail storage, etc.$$$$
Annual Net Benefit$$$$

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