TabNet – Truck Based Smart Device Management Solution

Want to see everything in real time, in one place? You need TabNet from GTG Technology Group. TabNet is our proprietary tablet based truck management system to help you manage all the people and data involved in your shipping operation more efficiently, more accurately and faster than you ever could before.

TabNet uses driver-held tablets and EDI linked to your dispatch system to offer you a level of control and visibility that drastically improves performance while lowering costs. Benefits include:

GPS Tracking:

  • Real-time tracking on all drivers
  • Pings driver location every 10 minutes
  • View exact location and distance from shipper and consignee

Improved Operations:

  • Fewer calls to dispatchers
  • Performs as a Drivers’ Routing Guide
  • Reduced driver idle time
  • Dispatchers can efficiently plan a driver’s day or week
  • Pickup and delivery times automatically updated by driver
  • Real-time updates to arrivals and departures
  • Documents uploaded with TabNet automatically attach to your imaging software (pre-trip inspection, load / equipment photos, BOL/POD, etc.)
  • Documents downloaded in Tablet automatically attached to Load
  • Real-time image and document acquisition and transmission to customer
  • After load is completed and all paperwork is approved, driver is routed to his second load

Ability to Measure Driver Performance:

  • Loads completed per day/week
  • On time pickup and delivery
  • Service failures
  • Drivers’ insurance monitoring

Cost Analysis Capability:

  • Organizes drivers trips and pay in Driver Worksheet
  • PODs are turned in real-time and invoices can be sent out

Please contact GTG Technology Group today and ask for a demo of TabNet. You’ll be amazed by everything you see.

See how we offer the most functionality in the industry with full visibility end-to-end.

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