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The Benefits of Switching Fleets to Natural Gas

Sustainable clean energy word cloud shapeRecent EPA regulations require trucks to improve emissions and use clean energy. This month, Ryder Systems announced they will make the switch by partnering with Clean Energy’s Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG). The partnership may just set the bar for industry standards, and here’s why.

How Does the Partnership Work?

Ryder System and the Clean Energy Fuels Corp teamed up to encourage freight carriers to make the switch to renewable natural gas (RNG). The team started with two freight fueling stations, one in Orange, CA and the other in Fontana, CA. The two stations will offer RNG in both compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) forms. This means that it will be available to both private and public fleet vehicles.

What Is Redeem?

The gas, developed by Clean Energy and called “Redeem,” is 100% renewable. By switching to Redeem, Ryder hopes to reduce gas emissions by roughly 6,300 metric tons each year. That’s like taking 1,319 cars off the roads annually. Ryder is a long-standing advocate for switching freight fleets to clean fuel alternatives. The company currently has 18 markets for natural gas vehicle maintenance and operates on compressed and liquefied gas from 34 Clean Energy locations.

Clean Energy will offer maintenance at the two fueling stations. Ryder has a history of working with Clean Energy since it became the first truck leasing company to offer CNG and LNG to the public. Clean Energy’s Redeem gas was released two years ago, and it already received much acclaim. The company hopes to deliver more than 40 million gallons of renewable gas within the next year. By teaming up with Clean Energy, Ryder continues to grow their efforts to encourage fleets to make the switch.

Benefits of Switching to Renewable Natural Gas

So why should fleets switch to Redeem? One of the biggest reasons is because it’s a completely renewable fuel made from landfill waste. The gas is biomethane, meaning it’s produced from byproduct gasses of decomposing organic material. The methane produced by the decomposition is processed and purified. Obviously, this has a significant, positive impact on the environment. Beyond environmental factors, renewable gas holds benefits for the trucking industry, as well.

According to Ryder, CNG is one of the most abundant and stable fuel sources available. Because it’s cleaner, emissions are less corrosive and vehicle longevity is extended. In turn, this decreases maintenance costs, something the trucking industry can certainly stand behind. Additionally, CNG provides tangible cost benefits.

Ryder estimates trucks that average 7MPG and drive 60,000 miles per year can save up to $6,000 annually on fuel costs. Those savings continue to increase the more miles accumulate, particularly for the heaviest hitting trucks. Trucks that only get a mere 3 MPG can save a potential $23,333 if they log roughly 100,000 miles annually. And of course, fleets that switch to RNG have the benefit of meeting current and future EPA regulations more easily.

With Ryder and Clean Energy Redeem, the future looks hopeful, for both the trucking industry and our environment.



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