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The Best Apps for Truckers in 2018

Top Trucking Apps of 2018

Nowadays, there is an app for just about everything, and truck driving is no exception. Truck drivers want apps that are practical and effective to use while on the job. However, it can be difficult to weed through the myriad of low-quality apps out there. Skip the searching and simplify your life on the road with the top apps for truckers to have on their phone. Take a look at the following most popular downloadable tools for driving (GPS), weather, HOS, managing reports, and locating a truck wash to help you streamline your time behind the wheel.

Trucker Path

Known as the go-to app within the industry, Trucker Path is the most downloaded free application for truck drivers. This app has an abundance of functions designed to help truckers find stops, parking locations, fuel prices, and more. Here are a few of the Trucker Path’s most popular features.

  • Truck Stops: Use this feature to assist you while searching for truck stops that provide specific on-site services.
  • Parking: Check for locations that allow truck parking to locate the optimal parking space.
  • Weigh Stations: Search for open weigh stations in real-time.
  • Fuel Prices: Use this feature to help locate places to refuel and compare different prices.
  • Truck Wash: Keep your truck squeaky clean while on the go.


GasBuddy is a free application that helps truck drivers locate low gas and diesel fuel prices. If you are looking to reduce expenses when traveling long distances, this app has several features to maximize your savings on the road. Take a look at some of the highlights of this app.

  • Locate the Best Stop: Find gas stations with the lowest prices nearby. GasBuddy provides the option of filtering your search by the station’s location, company, services, and prices.
  • Price Increase Notifications: Stay on top of fuel prices with the help of price hike alerts, which notify you when gas prices are expected to rise so you can plan to refuel at the optimal time.
  • Trip Cost Estimator: Use it to calculate the expenses of fuel for an entire trip.

Trucker Tool

Much like the Trucker Path application, Trucker Tool is used to locate the closest truck stop, check fuel prices in real-time, and determine the quickest route to delivery. Some of Trucker Tool’s key features include:

  • Truck Stops: Offers a reliable index of truck stops located along your route. Search for truck stops nearby, by town, or highway exit location.
  • Fuel Prices: Use it to help you locate the lowest diesel prices.
  • Traffic Information and Updates: Stay up-to-date with traffic information in real-time.
  • Weather: Stay safe with the help of this feature, which makes it easy for you check the weather in different areas and get alerts as conditions change.
  • Weigh Scales: Search for open weigh stations and rest stations based on your location.
  • Truck Wash: Find a convenient place to wash your truck along your route.
  • Sales: Locate Truck Stops with special deals and sales to help you save money during your trip.

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