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5 Must-Have TMS Features

When looking for a transportation management system, it’s important to consider how your company will use it, what you want out of it, and where you see your company going in the future. This will allow you to understand both what you need and what you don’t.

While your company may have a number of TMS options available, not all are created equal. Some are useful for particular companies, while others are only capable of servicing companies in different sectors. It’s important to remain educated throughout the purchase process and know what to look for.

What are Your Needs?

It’s first important to consider the individual needs of your company. Are you more interested in inbound and outbound logistics, shipment tracking, or driver management? Do you need something that is scalable or all-inclusive? The answers to these questions will determine what to look for and where to purchase. But what about must-haves?

Here are 5 must-have features every TMS should contain:

• Parcel Shipping Support. There once was a time when all shipping involved truckload moves, but times are changing. As companies prefer to keep lower inventory and rely on ‘just in time’ shipping, a need has surfaced for TMS parcel shipping capabilities. Your company should look for a TMS that can efficiently handle small and large shipments. Some only allow for the latter.

• Fully Integrated Accounting. Imagine what your company could do if it was completely confident in the accuracy and dependability of its freight accounting. You would spend less time crunching numbers and more time satisfying customers and fulfilling orders. A TMS with fully integrated accounting enables you to improve cash flow and cut costs.

• Multi-Carrier Management. It was once true that most companies strictly focused on domestic shipping. Now, with improved logistics and shipping technology, companies that once focused on domestic shipping are expanding into international territory. That requires the need for multi-carrier management and capabilities. When shipping internationally, you will need air or ocean freight. A capable TMS can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of this process.

• Item Visibility. Does your company have difficulty finding inventory when customers ask for updates? A good TMS will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of an item, regardless of where it is. This improves customer service and reveals a lot about your company. Good item visibility helps you appear transparent and honest.

• Scalability. Surprisingly enough, not every system is scalable. If yours is a company that intends to grow in the near future, it would be beneficial to invest in a scalable TMS solution. This saves you the trouble and expense of having to switch systems in the future.

GTG Technology

At GTG Technology, we offer high-end, scalable TMS solutions for transportation companies looking to increase efficiency, improve customer service, and expand profits. Our TMS solutions are comprehensive and fully integrated to work with your existing IT infrastructure. Even better news: everything runs on the cloud – so you never have to worry about information being compromised or lost. Whether you need intermodal management, brokerage management, or drayage management, you are only a phone call away from a brighter tomorrow.

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