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TMS: What’s the Point?

More drivers and companies are hearing about the benefits of transportation management systems/software, TMS. They may not know the depth of it’s applications, complexities and efficiencies- only that other business are starting to thrive from implementing and using it to grow their businesses profits. Now they are wondering what the significance of getting started on the process of educating themselves on how TMS is helping other businesses. Can it grow my business too? The answer is a simple one, YES!

What Is TMS?

TMS (Transportation Management System/Software) is a program designed specifically for companies and their carriers. This system works at all company levels. From the CEO’s office, to the driver delivering products. It helps to create a single connection to help everyone keep track of everything.

This system provides information from the warehouse, driver, and main office of the company about production, cash flow, deliveries, and even customer satisfaction. This software does it all! The question is, can it do it all for your business? Yes, it can!


TMS has many benefits to suit many types of businesses. It can perform many functions within the program for the ease of the company and driver who are already working so hard. This software can track the driver, the freight, warehouse inventory, and even the cash flow in and out of the company.

It’s like a customer satisfaction, inventory log, and theft deterrent all in one. Every company could benefit from this. What does this mean for your business? Simple, it means no more headaches of inventory or trying to decide if the driver delivered on time. It’s all right there at your fingertips.


The tricky part is finding the right software for your company. Not every program has every feature and some may have more features you don’t want than ones you do. It’s important to understand what each feature is and does before choosing the program that best fits your needs. Here is a list of systems and what they offer. It’s important to fully research each system and decide which features you want, need, or just feel would be nice to have.

It may also help you to make a list of the features you know you don’t, and never will, want to help narrow your search. All of these features can be daunting so it’s important to choose the right software for your business needs.


Knowing what the software does and how it works is a big step in the right direction. The problem is keeping up with the changes to software every time an upgrade arrives. It’s important to know the different features of each type of TMS to ensure you are able to choose a software that isn’t going to drastically change on you the second an upgrade comes along.

Be sure to do the full research on each product before choosing the one that works best for you. Never make the mistake of choosing one because it seems right. Anything can seem right, but that alone doesn’t make it right. Sometimes it’s just the opposite and now you’re stuck with a program that doesn’t work for your needs.


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