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The Four Tools That Are Taking the Transportation Industry by Storm

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When most people think of the transportation industry, they think of trucks and trains shipping great quantities of items. They may not think of computers and other technology, but technology has stormed into transportation and shipping. In fact, the shipping industry is more anxious than ever to utilize the latest and most creative technologies. Four tools in particular are becoming widespread in the transportation industry and revolutionizing the way clients ship and receive items.



Tablets are slowly replacing cumbersome desktop computers and laptops in the shipping industry. GTG and its cooperating companies use tablets to decrease shipment driving time and ensure all deliveries are correct. Tablets can be programmed with a GPS or similar program and provide arrival and departure estimates in real time. Furthermore, GTG uses its own brand of tablet technology, TabNet, to measure driver performance and keep apprised of service failures so they can be repaired immediately.

Tablets improve GTG’s and cooperating companies’ customer service. Previously, clients could not access constant updates on deliveries. Tracking via internet sites helped, but accurate estimates and access to service were not guaranteed. The mobility of a tablet and the availability of access points at shipping stations now ensures clients get their deliveries on time and intact.

“Green” Technologies

The transportation industry is eager to “go green,” and technology has obliged. For example, a new solar-powered keyboard was made available in June 2014. The solar-powered keyboard saves electricity and makes good use of natural resources. In addition, the use of solar-powered keyboards encourages workers to take healthy breaks when needed. That is, if cloudy weather interferes with the computer, employees perform offline work such as field responsibilities or public relations. This encourages physical health and rapport with coworkers and clients.

Finally, GTG and cooperating companies regularly examine ways to make travel and shipping cleaner and greener. The transportation industry is now considering transitioning to cleaner fuels than traditional oil and diesel. These include electrically or methane-powered vehicles. And, TMS software enables drivers find the best and most environmentally friendly routes for local drayage. TMS packages like TabNet can help drivers circumvent heavy traffic and highly polluted areas, ensuring a more environmentally friendly arrival for clients’ items.

On-Board Computers

On-board computer systems have taken much of the stress from drivers’ and shippers’ jobs. Rather than calling in a service failure and waiting for help drivers can now input codes and repair problems. On-board computers also help drivers stay on the clock and keep accurate track of their time. Additionally, on-board computers help supervisors record their drivers’ performance. If someone is braking too hard, idling too long, or driving irresponsibly, the computer’s data lets supervisors know.

Online Courses

The transportation industry is popular and lucrative, but not everyone’s lifestyle suits a traditional college education in this field. The transportation industry now offers more online courses. For instance, students can now learn the connections between transportation and the economy. Those interested in international business can also learn about customs and import/export laws, as well as basic skills in several languages.

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