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White Paper: Five Solutions Major Companies Can’t Do Without

GTG Technology Group, LLC (GTG), leading transportation management software provider, published its third white paper today. GTG’s white paper pinpoints five software solutions that every company should consider.


Software is a set of computer directions or data. All companies, big and small, invest in software to help run their company. However, not all software solutions are alike.

GTG’s new white paper, titled Five Solutions Major Companies Can’t Do Without, focuses on key areas of the business that can benefit from software solutions. The five software solutions that GTG highlights are Disaster Recovery, Accounting, Customer Relations Management (CRM), Project Management, and Transportation Management System (TMS).

According to GTG’s white paper, data is frequently being lost due to software corruption, computer viruses, human error, server failures and natural disasters. Therefore, the first software solution GTG introduces to readers is Disaster Recovery Software.

GTG helps to identify how Accounting Software can serve as the backbone of core business operations by identifying characteristics of a well-developed and technical software solution.

The white paper is also highlights warning signs that can dictate why a company should invest in an effective Customer Relations Management (CRM) and/or Project Management Software Solution. Some of the warning signs include high employee turnover rates, over budgeted projects, and the inability to identify the source of error.

The white paper goes on to show businesses that work to deliver and ship goods the benefits of investing in Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software or a Transportation Management System (TMS). For example, the overarching benefit from investing in GTG’s TMS software is the reduction of costs, better carrier selection and improved load optimization.

GTG’s new white paper is available for PDF download at no cost. To read more information about GTG’s solutions and to obtain a copy of the white paper, click here.

GTG’s next white paper on will be released on October 23rd and will discuss elements of business every transportation company should be automating in 2014.

About GTG Technology Group, LLC:
GTG Technology Group, LLC helps to build software to manage global transportation management systems (TMS) for all sizes of intermodal and drayage transportation companies. GTG is dedicated to providing TMS solutions designed to provide end-to-end visibility and connectivity. GTG’s software was engineered to help businesses in the transportation industry overcome challenges faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

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