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GTG’s New White Paper Reveals How Ground-Breaking Technology Can Improve a Business

GTG Technology Group, LLC (GTG), a truck-based tablet provider, today published an informative white paper that discusses the power of implementing tablets into a business.


Tablets are rapidly gaining popularity across many different industries because of the innovative technology that is used within each device. Tablets utilize multi-touch and capacitive technology to provide users with a handheld computer experience.

GTG’s educational white paper, titled Unleashing the Power of Tablets, focuses on how tablets have changed the workplace, specifically the transportation industry. After tablets were introduced to the transportation industry, GTG conducted research and found that many transportation and distribution supply chain operations improved after using tablet technology.

The research prompted GTG’s team of industry experts to get to work. GTG’s team helped to produce the new white paper that provides numerous explanations for how tablets can improve operations. GTG’s white paper clarifies how businesses can benefit from purchasing tablet technology. GTG introduces impeccable data that emphasizes how tablets can even potentially change a business landscape.

GTG’s truck-based tablet management system, TabNet, is also featured in the white paper for its efficiency in managing inbound and outbound logistics. TabNet helps to improve efficiency, accuracy, safety and speed of operations by offering GPS tracking on drivers and shipments.

The white paper helps to show businesses how tablets empower point-of-sale (POS) software and cloud technology to modernize operations. For example, POS software and cloud technology are highlighted within the white paper to show how tablets can paint a clearer picture, in real-time, for all supply chain procedures.

GTG’s next white paper on will be released on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 and will provide five valuable solutions for major companies that utilize CRM, TMS, backup and recovery and project management software.

The new white paper is available for PDF download at no cost. To read more information about TabNet and to obtain a copy of the white paper, click here.

About GTG Technology Group, LLC:
GTG Technology Group, LLC helps to build software to manage global transportation management systems (TMS) for all sizes of intermodal and drayage transportation companies. GTG is dedicated to providing TMS solutions designed to provide end-to-end visibility and connectivity. GTG’s software was engineered to help businesses in the transportation industry overcome challenges faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

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